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Year. XIV (2020), issue 25

Literary History Today. Part I


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Marie Vrinat-Nikolov. Introduction (Originally published in “Slovo” No. 50, “How to Think About Literary History in the Eurasian Space in the 21st Century?”)  / 11

Wali Ahmadi. “The Cradle of Dari“: The Question of “Origins“ in Modern Literary Historiography in Afghanistan  / 53

Ioana Bot. What’s the Use of a National Poet in the Times of Worldliterature?  / 73

Catherine Gery. The Overlooked of Russian Literary Historiography: for a Female 19th Century / 95

Elena Georgieva. Postmodernism and Literary Canon: a Fortunate Encounter / 111

Blagovest Zlatanov. Born/Abroad Contested at Home (Schemes and Transpositions of Bulgarian Literary History in Its Inception Phase) / 129

Nikolay Aretov. Oppressed Voices in Bulgarian Literature / 143

Svetla Cherpokova. The Colours of the Danube – Along the Thalweg of a Literary Theme (Comparative Observations and Imagological Digressions) / 171

Noemi Stoichkova. The Zov Newspaper – the Call to Contemporary Literary History / 196



Preslava Georgieva. “Alas, I am no person but a lunatic...“. Specificities of Problematic Existence in the Poem “Lunatichka“ (“Lunatic“) by Dora Gabe / 242

Kaloyan Hristov. Geometry of Spaces in the Decorative Novel “Dilettante“ by Chavdar Mutafov / 256



Nadezhda Stoyanova. A Rosary. In the Folds of Memory, or on the Happy Existence of Bulgarian Literature / 274

Svetlana Stoicheva. To the Semantics of Iconic Images, or Dealing with the Semiotic Labyrinth (About the Book “The Holy Apostles Peter and Paul“ from the Atoniada Library of the Center for Semiotic and Cultural Studies, by Miroslav Dachev) / 282


For the Authors / 289

Requirements for Publications / 300