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Year XVII (2023), issue 31

Literature and Cinema

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Lawrence Venuti. Adaptation, Translation, Critique

(Transl. from English by Ognyan Kovachev) / 15

Robert Stam. The Cinema and the World Literature Canon

(Transl. from English by Ruzha Muskurova) / 48

Ognyan Kovachev. “Decameron”: A Film Adaptation and Strategies for  Interpretation / 59

Orieta Antova. The Topos of Time in the Novels “Super Heroes” and “The First Day of My Life” and Their Film Adaptations / 97

Dimitar Radev. Mourning and Melancholy in Irish in Martin McDonough’s  “The Banshees of Inisherin” / 103

Galina Georgieva. “The Director Needs, We Write” (on Tarkovsky’s Stalker and Strugatsky Brothers’ Roadside Picnic) / 134

Nikolay Genov. A “Total Recall” of “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale”: The Utilization of Memory in the Works of Philip K. Dick, Paul Verhoeven and Len Wiseman / 153

Kristina Yordanova. The White Noise of Culture / 167

Vladimir Davchev. “Falling Asleep Is an Awakening”. Analysis of the Novel “A Mаn Asleep” by Georges Perec and the Movie Based on It and the Going by the Name “The Man Who Sleeps” / 176

Andrey Ivanov. Masculinity in a Postcolonial Perspective (on the Film “Beau travail” by Claire Denis) / 193

Stefan Goncharov. The Use of Technical Images in Annie Ernaux’s Books / 203

Boyko Penchev. A Stalinist Epic. The Film Adaptation of “Under the Yoke” from 1952 / 222

Lyudmil Dimitrov. Melody for (Goat) Horn and (Balkan) Orchestra / 244

Polina Penkova. Women on Screen: Film Adaptation as an Idea and Ideology / 259

Viktoria Viktorova. Аutofiction in Literature and Cinema as Therapy / 280



Liudmila Mindova. Vesna Parun and Bulgaria / 303

Elena Daradanova. A Reception of Vesna Parun’s Lyrics in Bulgaria / 305

Ksenija Banović. A Fanatic of the Truth: Vesna Parun in the People’s Republic of Bulgaria / 325

Katya Zografova. The Epistolary Archive of Vesna Parun in Bulgaria and Its Horizons / 344

Ana Vasung. About Vesna Parun’s Translations (Analysis of Penjo Penev’s Poetry Collection Translation) / 356

Marijana Bijelić. Idealism in Poetry by Vesna Parun and Blaga Dimitrova / 376

Sanja Knežević. Ex Ponto – Three Vesna Parun’s Travelogue Postcards / 386

Antoaneta Balcheva. Bulgaria in the Travelogues of Vesna Parun / 408

Мirko Čurić. Paratext in Vesna Parun Poetry Book “Bubnjevi umjesto srca” (2003) / 423

Tin Lemac. Imaginative Reflection in the Poetic Book “Wind of Trakia” of Vesna Parun / 434

Liudmila Mindova. Metaphysic Correspondences in the Book of Poetry “Wind of Thracia” by Vesna Parun / 450



Aleksandar Dimitrov. The Diabolical in the Novel “Yan Bibiyan. The Amazing Adventures of a Kid” / 464

Samuil Radilov. Mythological Dimensions of the Artistic World in the Stories from the Collection “Razh” by Angel Karaliychev / 480

Teodora Petrova. “Peace Be with You” by Emilia Dvoryanova: A Dystopia of Hope and Re-creation / 493



Juliana Stoyanova. Finding Yourself through the Other in: “Doppelgangers and Split Consciousness in Film Dramaturgy” by Marin Damyanov / 503

Orieta Antova. About Vera Naydenova’s Book “Japan on Screen and Live” / 512

Noemi Stoichkova. (The) Literary History of Today’s Literature: Impossible Possibilities / 517

Martin Kolev. Love as Initiation and Interpretive Challenge: About the Collection from the Conference “Bulgarian Love Lyric Poetry ‒ Readings and Contexts” / 528

Margarita Staneva. The Literature of the Children / 533


For the Authors / 547
Journal “The Literature” / 568
Requirements for Publications in the Journal “The Literature” / 571
Ethics of Publication / 574