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Year XV (2021), issue 27

Literature and Pandemic

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Gerard Delanty. Six Political Philosophies in Search of a Virus: Critical Perspectives on the Coronavirus Pandemic (Transl. from English by Milena Popova) / 11

Manfred Gerstenfeld. Post-Pandemic Culture Shock (Transl. from English by Ruzha Muskurova) / 32

Jean-Luc Nancy. “The Pandemic Reproduces the Social Aberrations and Divisions”: A Conversation Between Jean Luc-Nancy and

Nicolas Dutent for “Marianne” (Transl. from French by Galabina Zaharieva) / 37

Eric Laurent. Biopolitics of Pandemic and Body, Material of Anxiety (Transl. from French by Anguelina Daskalova, Theodora Pavlova-Cullard) / 44

Ed Simon. On Pandemics and Literature (Transl. from English by Ruzha Muskurova) / 62

Abhik Roy. Literature and Pandemics (Transl. from English by Ruzha Muskurova) / 75

Valeri Stefanov. The Plague/The Virus. Algorithm of the Collective Crisis Behaviour / 80

Tatiana Ichevska. Power over Life (Michel Foucault’s Views on Safety Regulation and Population Management) / 90

Polina Penkova. The Sick Body in Women’s Writing / 107

Kamelia Nikolova. Theatre in the Time of the Pandemic: Old and New Challenges / 116

Vladislav Milanov. Lexical and Word-Forming Processes in Bulgarian in Pandemic Times / 131

An Year after the Onset of Covid Pandemic – How Has Our Life Changed? Is Beginning of Normalization Coming – Attitudes to the Return of Students to Classrooms and to Vaccines (Nationally Representative Survey of “Alpha Research”) / 148

Vasya Vutova, Bogomil Peshev, Vihra Milanova. Psychiatric Disorders in COVID-19 Pandemic / 152



Paul de Man. Phenomenality and Materiality in Kant (Transl. from English by Georgi Iliev) / 158

Georgi Iliev. The Transcendental and the Metaphysical, the Linguistic and the Aesthetic in the Analyses of De Man and Deleuze on the Sublime of Immanuel Kant / 193



Stefka Tsenova. The Female Presence during the Interwar Period. Psychological Analysis of the Dyul gerov Women in the Novel ‘Ana Dyulgerova’ by Yana Yazova / 205

Kristian Hristov. Vienna in the Lyric of Vesela Vasileva / 219



Maria Ruseva. “The Tail”: Symptom of the Morbid Future / 232

Ventzeslav Scholtze. The Recurrence and Transmutation of Crises. A

Reader’s Response to “Is It Tomorrow Yet?” by Ivan Krastev / 237

Lilia Trifonova. Audibility and Consciousness / 248

Margarita Staneva. Art and Social Isolation / 253

Lora Nenkovska. Reading the Greek Symbolism / 257


For the Authors / 262

Journal “The Literature” / 272

Requirements for Publications in the Journal “The Literature” / 276

Ethics of Publication / 279