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Year XVIII (2024), issue 32

Literature and Theatre

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Anne Ubersfeld. Text-Performance

(Transl. from English by Ruzha Muskurova)  / 15

Alexander Panov. The Birth of the Theater  / 49

Kamelia Spassova. The Actor’s Techniques: Mimesis and Mimicry in Sophocles’ Philoctetes  / 74

Maria Kalinova. “So You Must Call the Witch Then, After All” (The Dramaturgy of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and the Birth of Metapsychology)  / 95

Petya Yosifova-Hunkins. Text, Fragmen, Synthesis, or the Text in the Theatre Today  / 113

Blagoy Boychev. Is Documentary Theatre a New Theatre Genre?  / 121

Kalina Stefanova. The Life-Changing Theatre of Eastern Europe  / 142

Violeta Detcheva. A Transgression  / 165

Kamelia Nikolova. About the Theatrical Readings of Dramatic Poem “Peer Gynt” in Bulgaria  / 182

Sylvia Borissova. “Dandelion Wine” in Senses and Summers  / 190

Lora Nenkovska. Romanian Dramaturgy after 1990 – a Change of Paradigm and a Search for a New Identity  / 212

Iliana Chekova-Dimitrova. The Folkloric Puppet Shows on the Street: Petrushka and His European Counterparts  / 228

Liudmila Mindova. L’Homme revolte and Freedom in Kiril Topalov’s, Drago Jančar’s and Miro Gavran’s  / 254

Nikoleta Patova. The Playwright Ivan Vasov – Development of the Revival Tradition  / 265

Elizaria Ruskova. “Second Degree Dialogue.” The Dramatic Discourse in “Strahil Fearful Outlaw” by Petko Todorov  / 294

Lyudmil Dimitrov. “The Antichrist”: Attributes of Light and Darkness  / 317

Rumen Troev. The Resurrection of the Archangel Michael (From Idea to Premiere – a Story by an Actor, Playwright and Dreamer)  / 340

Vladimir Davchev. The Book and the Stage. Essay on “Literature and Theatre”  / 365

Literature and Theater: Born for Each Other? (Survey with Theatre Professionals Conducted and with Comments by Ludmil Dimitrov)  / 368



Evdokiya Borisova. An Attempt at a History of Ideas in Bulgarian Literary Poetic Studies in the Last Half Centuary  / 420



Yoanna Yaneva. An Attempt at Self-reflection in Hell. “No exit” by Jean-Paul Sartre  / 518

Zlatina Damyanova. The Look into the Past as a Look into the Present Hermeneutical Analysis of “Under the Monastery Vine” by Elin Pelin  / 528

Ivona Vartelkova. The Diary as a Narrative of Spiritual Growth in “Zara Pages from a Diary” by Evgenia Dimitrova  / 542

Kristin Dimitrova. Vera Balabanova – the Forgotten Spiritual Patron of Bulgarian Writers  / 560

Gergana Hristova. Specific Characteristics of Gender Stereotypes and Prejudices. Discrimination on Grounds of Sex  / 577



Lyudmil Dimitrov. Crossing the Rubеkon, or the (A)E(s)th(et)ics of Awakening  / 602

Orieta Antova. Romeo Popiliev’s Book “The World as a Will to Song or Modernism of Petko Yu. Todorov”  / 613

Polina Tsoncheva. Lao She and the Way of “Drum Singers” to the Bulgarian Readers  / 625

Lora Nenkovska. About Comparative Literature Today  / 631

Emiliya Makedonska. The Czech Undergraund  / 637

Ekaterina Kaleva. The Missing “Bulgaria” and/or the American Trace  / 641

Noemi Stoichkova. Contemporary Literary Historical Potentials of a Personalistic Monograph  / 649

Martin Kolev. Why Do We Have Bulgarian Maritime Literature: “Introduction to Bulgarian Maritime Fiction from the First Half of the 20th century” by Andrey Tashev  / 655


For the Authors  / 669

Journal “The Literature”  / 689

Requirements for Publications in the Journal “The Literature”  / 692

Ethics of Publication  / 695