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Publication requirements

Dear colleagues,

The journal "The Literature" has been published in this restored / revived format since 2007. Its periodicity of publication is two issues within a calendar year. The first - "summer issue", comes out in June-July, and the second - "winter issue" - in November-December.

The main concern of the team is the quality of the printed publications, which are also subject to anonymous review. All submitted materials are evaluated anonymously by two reviewers who give an opinion independently of each other. The acceptance of the proposed texts is in line with the recommendations of the reviewers. The final decision on the publication of the materials is taken by the editorial board.

The process of independent double review follows the next steps:

• The article is sent to two reviewers for evaluation.

• Reviewers review the text and recommend it for publication or for rejection. They suggest that a certain text could be published after appropriate corrections.

• The reviewers evaluate the quality of the edited texts.

• A written confirmation of the acceptance of the text is sent to the author (s).

• The review process lasts maximum one month.


Formal requirements for the texts:

The editorial team of the journal “Literaturata”, according to the internationally accepted requirements for processing and publishing scientific papers, for references and indexing, would like to inform you about the technical requirements for the texts proposed for publication.


1.  Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt font size

2. The length of articles - up to 25 pages  (45,000 characters with spaces), and of reviews - up to 5 pages (9,000 characters).

3. The following elements should also be included:

- personal name of the author / authors: in Bulgarian and English language

- his/her workplace

- e-mail address

- title of the article: in Bulgarian and English

- abstract in English

- up to 5/7 keywords in English

- brief presentation of the author

4. When particular elements are emphasized in the text, italic should be used. Bold is used only in titles.

5. The bibliography is formed under the heading "Literature Cited", which includes only quoted titles. They are arranged in alphabetical order – the titles in Cyrillic and in Latin should be separated: the Cyrillic ones are given first.

6. Quotes should have the following syntax:

- surname of the author, followed by comma and space

- abbreviated first name of the author, followed by a full stop and a space after it

- title of the article or monograph, written in Normal, followed by a full stop and a space after it

- in citation of collections, the prefix "In" follows, followed by a colon and a space. In titles in Latin, the prefix "In" is used, regardless of the language of corresponding title

- followed by names of the compilers or editors written in the same way as the author of the article

- followed by the title of the collection in italic, full stop and a space

- full name the city, where the bibliographic unit was published, followed by a comma

- publisher in quotation marks followed by a comma

- when a collection is cited, numbers of first and last page of the article should be indicated. Pages are separated by a long dash, without space, and in the end – full stop.

- when the quotation is from a periodical, the title of the article is followed by //, and a space. The year of publication (without year of the journal), followed by a comma and space, the sign № and the number of the edition. After that - a full stop and space, followed by numbers of first and last page of the cited article (as it is described in the previous paragraph).

- in the cited bibliography in Cyrillic, after the bibliographic description, a transliteration of this bibliographic description is given in brackets.

- the citation inside the text of authors in Latin is in brackets with the surname of the cited author, the year and the page (if it is indicated): (Popov 1984: 234)

- the citation inside the text of authors in Cyrillic is in brackets with the surname in Cyrillic and transliterated surname - plus the year and page (if it is indicated): (Попов/Popov 1984: 234)

- each author has to transliterate cited literature, when it is in Cyrillic.

For transliterating Bulgarian sources you can use:

For transliteration of Russian sources you can use:

We would like to remind you that most of the quotes should be from the last 5 years, and self-quotes should be avoided. When you refer to your previous papers, please use footnotes.

7. Reviews should have a title and indicate the full bibliographic data of the reviewed book. They comply with mentioned requirements regarding their author and quotations.

8. The regularity of thematic editions of the journal - twice a year (in the beginning of the summer and before Christmas), requires strict adherence to deadlines - within three months.

9. The journal "Literaturata" publishes texts that are written еspecially for the respective thematic edition, or at least the current publication has to be the first for the text. Editorial team is not responsible for subsequent use of the paper. The author of the text is responsible for its originality.

Thank you for your correctness and understanding which are in the interest of our philological guild.