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Year XVI (2022), issue 28

Dystopias in 21st Century

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Koichi Tonuma. Whither 21st  Century Urban  Civilization: Dystopia or Utopia? (Transl. from English by Ruzha Muskurova)  / 11

Dorothy E. Roberts. Race, Gender, and Genetic Technologies: A New Reproductive Dystopia? (Transl. from English by Milena Popova)  / 26

Rowland Hughes and Pat Wheeler. Introduction. Eco-Dystopias: Nature and the Dystopian Imagination (Transl. from English by Ruzha Muskurova)  / 60

Annika Gonnermann. The Concept of Post-Pessimism in 21st Century Dystopian Fiction (Transl. from English by Milena Popova)  / 68

Daria Karapetkova. Elements of Anti-Utopia in Leonardo Sciascia’s Novel The Knight and Death  / 92

Martin Kolev. “Genesis” of the Dystopian Line in YA literature  / 99

Chavdar Parushev. But Why Space Is Silent? “Remembrance of Earths Past” by Liu Cixin  / 104

Ralitsa Lyutskanova-Kostova. History and Narration – Anti-utopianism in Michel Houellebecq’s Submission and Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale  / 112

Kostantin Adirkov.The Testaments which Should be Remembered  / 120

Bilyana Kourtasheva. Oral History and Dystopia: The Rise of the Inquiry Novel  / 130

Ivan Ivanov. Hervé Le Tellier’s Novel The Anomaly – World and Postmodern  / 142



Paul de Man. Hegel on the Sublime (Transl. from English by Georgi Iliev)  / 152



Ivan Georgiev. Geo Milev – Theoretical Positions and Creational Realisations  / 177

Barbara Miteva. The (anti-)Christianity in Atanas Dalchev’s Poetry  / 198

Vladislav Tikov. The Problem of the Past in the Novel “Time Shelter” by Georgi Gospodinov – a Monster or Savior in the Face of Uncertain Future  / 218



Martina Nedialkova. Literary Theory’s New Territories in the 21st Century  / 229

Polly Mukanova. Beyond the Canonical: in the Center of the Periphery  / 237

Noemi Stoichkova. The Playing Story of “One-Time” and the “Nostalgic Plots” through Photographic Codes  / 246

Yanitsa Radeva.The Fate and the Poetry of Ivan Tsanev (About “Forging the Masterpiece: Ivan Tsanev” by Plamen Doinov)  / 257

Dimitar Radev. Song for “Nobody”  / 263

Emiliya Makedonska. To be a Poet – 120 Years Since the Birth of Jaroslav Seifert  /  274


For the Authors  / 278

Journal “The Literature”  / 288

Requirements for Publications in the Journal “The Literature”  / 292

Ethics of Publication  / 295