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Year XI (2017), issue 16

Love in Literature 

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Most Famous Love Stories in Literature / 9

Julia Kristeva, In Praise of Love (transl. from French by Dimitar Bozhkov) / 15

Tracy Adams, The Problem of Love in the Old French Verse Romance (transl. from English by Ruzha Muskurova) / 34

 Pierre Lepape, History of Romance Novels (transl. from French by Radostin Zhelev) / 81

Michael Epstein, Poetics of Intimacy (transl. from Russian by Nadezhda Deleva) / 91

Vadim Rosman, About Women Secrets (transl. from Russian by Nadezhda Deleva) / 134

Veneta Savova, Time for Love, Places for Parting ... / 151

Valeri Stefanov, The Woman of the Near – This Longing, This Fire! / 163

Katya Staneva, Love Songs of Bulgarian Revival / 195

Rumyana Evtimova, A Collage Portrait of the Seducer in Russian Literature / 218

Albena Vacheva, Love and Social Norms / 237

Tatiana Ichevska, Love (as) a Disease / 252

Ivan Ivanov, Love and Death in the Novel „Autopsy of a Love Affair“ by Viktor Paskov / 291

Stoyan Georgiev, The Struggle for Dominance between the Sexes in Search of Identity in the Plays of Pinter / 303



 Polina Ivanova, One does not love forever, one does not also truly love / 334

Hristina Teodosieva, Love as Self-Identification in the Novel of Konstantin Konstantinov „Blood“ / 350 Reviews Ina Hristova, Literature and the Fragmentasized World / 358

 Rositsa Chernokozheva, The Five Cases –- Sheltering in the Culture Freud / 362

 Hristo Manolakev, Fundamental Work about Knowledge of Bulgaria / 378

Irina Ivanova, „The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas,“ John Boyne / 384

Vladimir Ignatov, To Tame the Time / 387


About Authors / 397

Abstracts / 405

Requirements for publications / 411