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Peer review

Peer review

The independent double-blind, anonymous peer review process follows the steps:

- The article is sent to two reviewers for evaluation, who are selected by the editors according to the following requirements: habilitated scholars; scholars with an international presence; scholars who agree to abide by the rules for independent evaluation through double-blind, anonymous peer review, also guaranteed by the Scholar One System.

- Reviewers evaluate the text competently and impartially and recommend it for publication or rejection. They may also recommend a text for publication after making appropriate corrections. Through the Scholar One System, the author is notified of the reviewers' decisions in a timely manner, ensuring their anonymity.

- For manuscripts that have undergone corrections, reviewers are informed of the quality of the edited text in Scholar One System.

- The author(s) will be sent a written acknowledgement of acceptance of the publication via Scholar One System.

- The review process takes a maximum of two months.