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Year XI (2017), issue 17

Childrens' Literature



Issue in pdf

Andrea Immel, Children’s Books and Constructions of Childhood (transl. from English by Ruzha Muskurova) / 9

Deborah Stevenson, Classics and Canons (transl. from English by Radostin Zhelev) / 31

Brian Alderson, The making of children's books (transl. from English by Radostin Zhelev) / 57

Lynne Vallone, Concepts of Difference in Children's Literature (transl. from English by Ruzha Muskurova) / 82

Bruno Bettelheim, From „Psychoanalysis of Fairy-Tales“ (transl. from French by Angelina Daskalova) / 106

Françoise Dolto, The Angel, the Dwarf and the Slave or the Child in the Literature (transl. from French by Radostin Zhelev) / 146

Mariza DeKastro, Fantasy for Children and Adolescents (transl. from Greek by Zdravka Mihaylova) / 170

Maria Pipeva, Children’s Literature, Intercultural Competence and Translation / 176

Maria Pileva, Bulgarian Translations of „Robinson Crusoe“ – Childhood, Adolescence, Stagnation and Maturity / 195

Rayna Denitsova, „Once upon a time“ in the Present Tense / 245

Svetlana Stoycheva, About New Clothes of Children's Literature / 308

Rositsa Chernokozheva, „Cunningly, more cunningly the sky deceives me...“ or Dobry Zhotev’s Daydreams / 349

Galina Valcheva-Dimitrova, Models of Memories of Childhood in Bulgarian Prose for Children and Adolescents between 20s and 80s

of the Twentieth century. From Ethno Culture, History and Ideology to „Child’s Island,“ „Child's Soul“ and „Eternal Childhood“ / 357

 Books for children and words that we can play with – a conversation with Zornitsa Hristova / 400



Maria Ruseva, Times and Spaces in „Dreams by Acropolis“ by Dimitar Shishmanov /



Vesela Genova, About Translations and its Pitfalls / 424

Ognyana Georgieva-Teneva, Release of Meanings / 428

Noemi Stoichkova, A Textbook or Original Beginning of Modern Literary History / 435

Christina Yordanova, Ethoses of Love / 443

Julia Yordanova, Digitilized „Alice“ / 446


About Authors / 455

Abstracts / 465

Requirements for publications Requirements for publications / 470