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Year. VІI (2013), issue 12

Literature and Scandals

Andrew Svenson - The Stratemeyer Syndicate - (transl. by Ruzha Muskurova) / 9

Denis Vigneron - When Art Create Scandal... - (transl. by Teodora Dishovska) / 19

Iliyana Chalakova - On Modern Scandal and Oblivion / 27

Judite Teixeira - About Me. A Conference Explaining My Principles about Life,

                  about Aesthetics, about Ethics (transl. by lliyana Chalakova) /41

Maya Razboynikova-Frateva – The Transformations of a Scandal /59

Ivan Ivanov - The Literary Scandal and Its Silent Present / 84


Mario J. Values - Toward a Structure of Criticism

(transl. by Stanislava Marinova, Angel Angelov) / 103

Katherina Kokinova - Self-Reflection by Means of Auto-Polemics -an  Interpreter's Freedom or Subordination? / 126


Maria Pileva - Gardens of the Mother of God - a Contemporary Song of Songs / 135

Poland Marks Julian Tuwim's Anniversary

Anna Wegrzyniak - The Echo from the Legionnaires' Songs in Tuwim's

                Works (transl. by Olga Gencheva) / 153


Yanitsa Radeva - With the Spirit of the National Revival and a Modern      Outlook / 184

Chavdar Parushev - "I Am Not in Favour of Superficial Talk and Superficial Knowledge..." / 191