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Year XII (2018), issue 21

Queer theories

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Hans Bertens, Queer Theory

(transl. from English by Ruzha Muskurova) / 9

Lee Edelman, The Future is Kid Stuff

(transl. from English by Maria Delcheva) / 21

Sara Ahmed, Queer Feelings

(transl. from English by Filip Stoilov) / 58

Beatriz Presiado, The Pharmacopornographic Era

(transl. from Spanish by Teodora Tsankova) / 101

Karl Schoonover, Rosalind Galt, Queer, World, Cinema

(transl. from English by Ruzha Muskurova) / 127

Maria Delcheva, The Gender Liminal Body. Between Essentialism

and Poststructuralism / 156

Wojciech Smieja, The Captive (Homosexual) Minds. On Being a Writer

and a Homosexual in Communist Poland (Wilhelm Mach,

Jerzy Andrzejewski) / 183

Блажей Варкоцки, Murderous Shame. Queer Performativity

in „Lawyer Kraykowski’s Dancer“ by Witold Gombrowicz

(transl. from Polish by Radostina Petrova) / 195



Veselina Gekova, The Garden of EDEN and the Founders

of the Human Race. Light Installation Made

of Blown Glass Molds / 215

Petya Dimitrova, Body under the Dress – Sociocultural

and Psychological Codes of Оtherness / 222



Panayot Karagyozov, Between “The Wife” and the Refusal to Bestow

the Nobel Prize / 234

Galina Georgieva, Read Through and Fly Off / 237

Nikolay Genov, Will the Mouse eat the Book? / 242

Maria Delcheva, The Other Voice is Important / 245

For the authors / 255

Requirements for publications / 259