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Year XII (2018), issue 18

Theoretical Problems of Translation


Issue in pdf


Vladimir Nabokov, The Art of Translation (transl. by Vesela Genova from English)

Italo Calvino, On the Issue of Translation (transl. by Daria Karapetkova from Italian)

Wang Ning and César Domínguez, Comparative Literature and Translation: A Cross-Cultural and Interdisciplinary Perspective (transl. by Teodora Tsankova from Spanish)

Sachin Ketkar, Is There an "Indian School" of Translation Studies? (transl. by Nadezhda Rozova)

Yoana Sirakova, In the Roots of Translation Science: Concepts in Antiquity and Their Branches

Mariana Malinova, Arab Grammar Against Greek Logic: The dispute between Abu Sa'ūd as-Surāfū (died 979) and Mattha ibn Yunus (died 940)

Reneta Kileva-Stamenova, Aspects of Bertolt Brecht’s works translation reception in Bulgaria

Radost Zhelezarova, Frequency and Interlanguage Asymmetry in Slavic-Slavic Translations



Maya Razboynikova-Frateva, Joseph Roth: An Encyclopedia of Masculinities



Osugi Shigeo, The Catastrophe that Turns to a Ghost - Japanese Literature and Philosophy after "March 11" (transl. by Martina Nedyalkova from Japanese)


JUBILEES: Joseph Conrad

Monica Malessa-Drohomiretska, Love as a Grief. The Relationships between Women and Men in Conrad's Prose (transl. by Steliana Aleksandrova from Polish)

Robert Hampson, From Conrad’s Secrets (transl. by Radostin Zhelev from English)

John Peters, From Joseph Conrad and the Epistemology of Space (transl. by Simona Krumova from English)

Agatha Covol , "Oh, I hope he does not start talking!" - Face-to-Face Meeting with the Other in Amy Foster (translated by Maya Nencheva)

Anna Bzhozovska-Krayka, Yanko Gural: a Wax Figure from the Museum of Polish Romanticism (transl. by Svilen Kolev and Petya Tsoneva from English)



Yana Yakimova, Terry Pratchett and his Discworld Novels - Translations and Reception in Bulgaria



Stanka Petrova-Hristova, Inspired by Clеment

Maria Antonova, The Ariadne’s Thread or St. Nicholas - History and Rhetoric

Dilyana Dencheva, A Book of Mistakes. A Research by R. Zhelezarova

Ventsislav Scholtse, The Physiognomy King. Notes on a debut

Rositsa Chernokozheva, Narrating Yourself


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