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Year XII (2018), issue 18

Theoretical Problems of Translation


Issue in pdf


Vladimir Nabokov, The Art of Translation (transl. by Vesela Genova from English) / 9

Italo Calvino, On the Issue of Translation (transl. by Daria Karapetkova from Italian) / 21

Wang Ning and César Domínguez, Comparative Literature and Translation: A Cross-Cultural and Interdisciplinary Perspective (transl. by Teodora Tsankova from Spanish) / 33

Sachin Ketkar, Is There an „Indian School“ of Translation Studies? (transl. by Nadezhda Rozova) / 65

Yoana Sirakova, In the Roots of Translation Science: Concepts in Antiquity and Their Branches / 85

Mariana Malinova, Arab Grammar Against Greek Logic: The dispute between Abu Sa‘ūd as-Surāfū (died 979) and Mattha ibn Yunus (died 940) / 109

Reneta Kileva-Stamenova, Aspects of Bertolt Brecht’s works translation reception in Bulgaria / 122

Radost Zhelezarova, Frequency and Interlanguage Asymmetry in Slavic-Slavic Translations / 164



Maya Razboynikova-Frateva, Joseph Roth: An Encyclopedia of Masculinities / 175



Osugi Shigeo, The Catastrophe that Turns to a Ghost –Japanese Literature and Philosophy after „March 11“ (transl. by Martina Nedyalkova from Japanese) / 209

JUBILEES: Joseph Conrad

Monica Malessa-Drohomiretska, Love as a Grief. The Relationships between Women and Men in Conrad‘s Prose (transl. by Steliana Aleksandrova from Polish) / 225

Robert Hampson, From Conrad’s Secrets (transl. by Radostin Zhelev from English) / 237

John Peters, From Joseph Conrad and the Epistemology of Space (transl. by Simona Krumova from English) / 255

Agatha Covol , „Oh, I hope he does not start talking!“ – Face-to-Face Meeting with the Other in Amy Foster (translated by Maya Nencheva) / 264

Anna Bzhozovska-Krayka, Yanko Gural: a Wax Figure from the Museum of Polish Romanticism (transl. by Svilen Kolev and Petya Tsoneva from English) / 275



Yana Yakimova, Terry Pratchett and his Discworld Novels – ranslations and Reception in Bulgaria / 290



Stanka Petrova-Hristova, Inspired by Clеment / 312

Maria Antonova, The Ariadne’s Thread or St. Nicholas – History and Rhetoric / 317

Dilyana Dencheva, A Book of Mistakes / 326

Ventsislav Scholtse, The Physiognomy King. Notes on a debut / 330

Rositsa Chernokozheva, Narrating Yourself / 337


For the authors / 345

Abstracts / 354

Requirements for publications / 358