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Year XV (2021), issue 26

Literary History Today. Part II

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Marko Juvan. National and Comparative Literary Histories in Slovenia: Their Histories, Current Status and Prospects  / 11

Gun‑Britt Kohler, Pavel I. Navumenka. Literary History, Field-Formation and Transnational Spaces of Possibles. Literature in the Space of Belarus in the 1920s / 33

Laurent Mignon. Notes on the History of Turkish Literature from the Tanzimat (1839) to the “revolution of the letters” (1928)  / 82

Tamara Svanidzé. Rethinking the Georgian Literary Field in the Second Half of the 19th Century: The Role of European Cultural Transfers  / 107

Mary Vrinat-Nikolov. Re-Thinking the Literary Clocks of the World, Giving Space to Time (The Case of Bulgaria)  / 134

David Damrosch. Conclusion: Rebirth of a Discipline  / 156

Ivan Ivanov. Globalization and the Literary Debate in the Perspective of the Third Millennium / 176

Milena Kirova. How Long do the 90-ies Last? Historical Reflection on the Literature of Nowadays / 187

Mihail Nedelchev. Bulgarian Literary History Concepts / 224 Kalina Lukova. Teodor Trayanov’s “Regina Mortua” in Bulgarian Literary Criticism from the First Three Decades of the 20th Century – Paradigms of the Myth / 242

Maria Ruseva. In the Capital of European Modernity / 260

Martina Nedialkova. Poetic Debuts – Ways and Explorations of Contemporary Bulgarian Poetry / 306

Assen Avramov. Words in Action (An Effort to Integrate Bulgarian Rap Music with Contemporary Bulgarian Literature – Texts, Artists, Messages) / 343



Borislav Petrov. Models of Historical Fiction as Seen in “Visions from Ancient Bulgaria” by Nikolay Raynov and “The final day, the Lord’s day” by Stoyan Zagortchinov / 363



Noemi Stoichkova. The Contemporary Literary History. Between Conceptual Construction and Methodological Heterogeneity, between Rich Erudition and Linguistic Spontaneity, between Traditions and Innovations / 378

Bilyana Borisova. An Exciting Collection of Sharedness / 393

Margarita Staneva. Reflected Identities / 400

Polina Penkova. The Autonomous Author / 405


For the Authors / 409

Journal “The Literature” / 420

Requirements for Publications in the Journal “The Literature” / 424

Ethics of Publication / 427