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Year XVII (2023), issue 30

Slavic Studies in the Third Millenium

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Antoaneta Granberg. Slavic Studies in Scandinavia, and Medieval Slavic Studies at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden / 11

Blagovest Zlatanov. There Is no Need to Study the Defeated States (Notes on the Developments in German Slavic Studies since the Fall of the Berlin Wall) / 29

Bisera Dakova. The Predetermined Choice / 48

Maya Padeshka. Contemporary Bulgarian Art in the Lectureships on Bulgarian Language, Literature and Culture / 57

Svetlana Vassileva-Karagyozova. The Slavic Studies at the University of Kansas / 77

Dinglei Liu. Bulgarian Language and Literature Education in China / 94

Ivana Davitkov, Valentina Sedefcheva. Academic Bulgarian Studies in Serbia – History, Development and Perspectives / 120

Panayot Karagyozov. Sixty Years of Summer Seminar of Bulgarian Language and Culture for Foreign Students and Scholars / 145

Husein Mevsim. Anguished Parashkeva in the Abyss of Otherness / 156

Camelia Dinu. Contemporary Bulgarian Poetry in Romania: A Case of Inter-Peripheral Literary Circulation / 173

Polina Penkova. The Womanhood and Motherhood in the Former Socialist States: Literary and Ideological Aspects / 196

Anna Sobieska. “Red Eves”. Soviet Emancipation on the Pages of the Polish Interwar Press (Introductory Study) / 212

Margreta Grigorova. Polish Cassandra. Prophetism and Catastrophism in Interwar Polish Literature / 242

Venesa Nacheva. The (Pre)feeling Polish Periphery – between Catastrophism of the “Wolin” Group and Quests of the Postmodernists /273



Ilonka Koleva. The Umentary Heritage of Acad. Panteley Zarev – a Source for the Socialist Era / 291



Vladimir Iliev Iliev. Multiple Intelligences in the Novel, “In the Night Riding the White Horse” by Pavel Vezhinov / 307

Marchela Mironova. Uses of the Mythological in “Jo urney in the Direction of the Shadow” – Demythologization, or Constructing the Rhizomatic World of the Novel / 329



Kamelia Spassova. The Heterogeneity оf World Literature in Time, Space and Language / 344

Martina Nedialkova. Gisèle Sapiro on Translation and International Literary Festivals in an Era of Cultural Globalization and Transnational Exchange / 352

Kristina Yordanova. Literary History as an Apology of Book and Reading / 360

Polina Penkova. On “the Plots” of the History of Bulgarian Literature / 366

Maria Ruseva. “Fiction Literature”: Vocation and Challenge / 371

Noemi Stoichkova. “Poetics of the Road” – Anthropological Perspectives for the Modern Human Identity / 379

Svetla Cherpokova. On and Beyond Translation / 392


For the Authors / 405
Journal “The Literature” / 422
Requirements for Publications in the Journal “The Literature” / 425
Ethics of Publication / 428