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Ангелова, И., 1983. Семиотичен аспект на пунктуацията в текста. Съпоставително езикознание / Сопоставительное языкознание / Contrastive linguistics, 8(4), pp.62–70.

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Dear colleagues,


Before you is the journal "LITERATURE". "Literatura", which has been published in this restored/renewed format since 2007. Its periodicity is two volumes per calendar year. The first one, the "summer" one, is published in June-July and the second one, the "winter" one, in November-December.


Year X (2016), issue 15

Old Sofia


Angelo De Gubernatis – Bulgaria and Bulgarians (transl. by Radostin Zhelev) / 9

Nikolay Chernokozhev – The City – a Place and Places of the Writer

(Ivan Vazov. Pen Sketches and Patterns) / 29

Milena Kirova – Qui bene labuit ... Konstantin Jireček in Sofia, Sofia in the

Bulgarian Diary of Jireček / 51

Kleo Protohristova – Art Nouveau Architecture and Literary Sofia / 75

Peter Dinekov – Sofia / 91


Year XI (2017), issue 17

Childrens' Literature



Issue in pdf

Andrea Immel, Children’s Books and Constructions of Childhood (transl. from English by Ruzha Muskurova) / 9

Deborah Stevenson, Classics and Canons (transl. from English by Radostin Zhelev) / 31

Brian Alderson, The making of children's books (transl. from English by Radostin Zhelev) / 57



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