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Publication ethics



The journal LITERATURATA insists on the honest and professional attitude in all aspects of the publishing activity. It publishes original works that are significant for the intellectual community, according to the highest standards. We expect the same high standards from our reviewers and authors. Integrity, authenticity and honest relationships - on the part of authors, and detachment, objectivity and confidentiality – on the part of editors and reviewers are among the priorities that help us achieve our goals.


Publication requirements

Dear colleagues,

 The main concern of the team is the quality of the printed publications, which are also subject to anonymous review. All submitted materials are evaluated anonymously by two reviewers who give an opinion independently of each other. The acceptance of the proposed texts is in line with the recommendations of the reviewers. The final decision on the publication of the materials is taken by the editorial board.


The process of independent double review follows the next steps:

• The article is sent to two reviewers for evaluation.


Year X (2016), issue 15

Old Sofia


Angelo De Gubernatis – Bulgaria and Bulgarians (transl. by Radostin Zhelev) / 9

Nikolay Chernokozhev – The City – a Place and Places of the Writer

(Ivan Vazov. Pen Sketches and Patterns) / 29

Milena Kirova – Qui bene labuit ... Konstantin Jireček in Sofia, Sofia in the

Bulgarian Diary of Jireček / 51

Kleo Protohristova – Art Nouveau Architecture and Literary Sofia / 75

Peter Dinekov – Sofia / 91


Year XII (2018), issue 19

Literature and Science Fiction

Anonymous reviews

For two years the authors' articles in the journal „The Literature” have been subjectеd to anonymous reviews made by two scholars from relevant field of science, who are not connected to the journal editors.

Issue in pdf


Kevin Alexander Boon, Epistemology of Science Fiction (transl. from English by Ruzha Muskurova)



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