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Sur les systèmes aspecto-temporels du français et du bulgare

ЗаглавиеSur les systèmes aspecto-temporels du français et du bulgare
Вид на публикациятаJournal Article
Година на публикуване1995
АвториNikolova-Novakova, I
СписаниеСъпоставително езикознание / Сопоставительное языкознание / Contrastive linguistics
Език на публикациятаfra
ключови думиContrastive Studies; съпоставителни изследвания

The comparison between the aspect systems of a Slavic and a Romance language raises a number of theoretical and practical problems. It requires a precise and unified use of terminology, which is unfortunately not always the case, especially in French. The automatic transfer of the terms „perfective/imperfective“ from Bulgarian to French is practically impossible because the aspectual systems of the two languages function in a different way. In Bulgarian aspect is expressed by a pair of perfective and imperfective verbs, while in French it functions through two symmetrical subsystems of simple and complex verb tenses. The aspect implied in the lexical meaning of the verb is strongly influenced by the syntactic context. The article proves the necessity of a rigid distinction between aspect and tense; it discusses the question of precision in naming the verb tenses, the terms do not always reflect the linguistic reality. This is valid for both languages discussed.

Код за цитиранеNikolova-Novakova1995
Адрес на автора


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