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Libri Slavici

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Putnam, G.Haven авт, 1896. Books and Their Makers during the Middle Ages, New York: G. P. Putnam’s sons.
Bozilov, I.A. авт, 1997. Bulgarian monasteries, Sofia: Hristo Botev .
Alexander, R. авт, 2008. Bulgarian phrasebook, Footscray, Vic.: Lonely Planet.
Includes index. With 3500-word two-way dictionary. Cover. In English and Bulgarian.
Matsumoto, D. ред, 2009. Cambridge Dictionary of Psychology, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
University, C. авт, 1998. Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Kiple, K. & Kriemhild, C. авт-ри, 2000. The Cambridge World History of Food, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Columbus, OH : Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies The Ohio State University in cooperation with the "Ivan Dujchev" Research Centre for Slavo-Byzantine Studies, Sofia University, Bulgaria
Lyn, R. авт, 2010. Cave Monasteries of Byzantine Cappadocia 2nd изд, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Certeau, M. авт, 2000. The Certeau Reader, Oxford: Blackwell.


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