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Kujumdžieva, S., 2011. The Catalogue of Greek Musical Manuscripts from St. Catherine’s Monastery on Mount Sinai. Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика, 35(1), pp.90–97.
Beekes, R.S.P., 2011. Comparative Indo-European Linguistics. An Introduction 2nd ed. M. de Vaan, ed., Amsterdam ; Philadelphia: John Benjamins.
Revised and corrected by Michiel de Vaan.
Vukov, N., 2011. Conceptualizing Folklore along “Disciplinary Lines.” The Political Entanglement of Folklore Studies in Socialist Bulgaria. In U. Brunnbauer, Kraft, C., & Schulze, M., eds. Sociology and Ethnography in East-Central and South-East Europe: Scientific Self-Description in State Socialist Countries. Munich: Bad Wiesseer Tagungen des Collegium Carolinum.
Rilke, R.Maria, 2011. Die Fensterrose. In Selected Poems with Parallel German Text. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 60 – 62.
Бълг. превод Р. М. Рилке, „Розата на прозореца”, прев. Д. Тенев, Литературен вестник, бр. 20, 27.05.-2.06.2015, с. 16.
Куюмджиева, С., 2011. In memoriam Eлена Тончева (26.VІ.1933–3.ІІ.2011). Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика, 35(2), pp.65–67.
Станков, Р., 2011. In memoriam. Румяна Павлова. Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика, 35(4), pp.81–82.
Reviewed by Patricia Pires Boulhosa : Medieval Review, 12.06.11)
Szulc, A., 2011. Mentalization and Explication in South Church Slavonic Redactions of the Psalter. Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика, 35(2), pp.48–58.
Samanci, O., 2011. Pilaf and Bouchees: The Modernization of Official Banquets at the Ottoman Palace in the Nineteenth Century. In D. De Voogh, ed. Royal Taste. Food, Power and Status in European Courts after 1789. Ashgate: Aldershot, pp. 111–143.
Marcotte, E., 2011. Responsive Web Design, New York: A Book Apart.
 Foreword by Jeremy Keith
Derwich, M., 2011. Římská církev a slovanský jazyk (do konce 9. století). Ze studií o christianizaci raně středověké Evropy. In E. Doležalová & Meduna, P., eds. Co můj kostel dnes má, nemůže kníže odníti : věnováno Petru Sommerovi k životnímu jubileu. Praha: Nakladatelství Lidové noviny, pp. 101–110.
Rilke, R.Maria, 2011. Schwarze Katze. In Selected Poems with Parallel German Text. Oxford: Oxford University Press, p. 92.
Balcárek, P., 2011. Some Remarks on Solomon’s Chalice in Vita Constantini. Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика, 35(1), pp.34–51.
Roberts, A., 2011. Teaching the scientific romance. In A. Sawyer & Wright, P., eds. Teaching Science Fiction. London; New York; Shanghai: Palgrave MacMillan, pp. 72 – 86.


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