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Безличност, модалност и кореферентност (в българския и английския език)

TitleБезличност, модалност и кореферентност (в българския и английския език)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsКонстантинов, Ю, Ковачева, М
JournalСъпоставително езикознание / Сопоставительное языкознание / Contrastive linguistics
Publication Languagebul

An attempt is made to establish the systemic significance of the isomorphism between impersonal and modal constructions. While it is natural to express the clear cases of epistemic modality impersonally, there is a choice between personal and impersonal expression when different degrees of „objectified“ (within the proposition) or root modality are meant. Unlike English, Bulgarian sometimes shows an overt lack of subject-predicate agreement, i. e. the modal verb is impersonal. The analysis of personal constructions denoting epistemic modality shows that the presence or absence of co-reference of the modal and the notional verb to the same subject is a universal means of describing the cline of modal meanings.

Citation KeyКонстантинов1988
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