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Структура на разговора

TitleСтруктура на разговора
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsТишева, Й
JournalБългарска реч
Pagination11 – 19
Publication Languagebul
Keywordsconversation; formal talk; media; spoken Bulgarian

The main topic of this paper is to describe the structural organization of conversation in the specific situation of television talk-shows (chat shows). The analysis of verbal behavior of the hosts and their guests during the opening part of the conversation are based on large corpus of transcripts from real-life television programs. The comparison between casual (ordinary, everyday) conversations and institutional (formal, media) talks outlines the differences between these two forms of communication, specific sequence organization and turns-at-talk combinations.

Translated TitleStructure of Conversation
Citation KeyТишева2013а
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