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От Балкана до балканизация

TitleОт Балкана до балканизация
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsПавлова, Н
JournalБългарска реч
Publication Languagebul
Keywordsbalkanization; Balkans; stereotypes; western еuropean languages; Балкани; балканизация; западноевропейски езици; стеротипи

The word Balkanization appears just after the Great War, when the process of breaking up stretches out the European continent. The creation of the Balkan States seemed to be the manifestation of the power of Europa and the expression of the national aspirations in the region. In XXth century, Balkanization belonged to the scientific vocabulary. The two Balkan wars explained indeed the success of the word Balkanization. It is also associated with western stereotypes about the Balkans. In modern western European languages , the term begins to be used outside the geopolitical contexts as a metaphor of fragmentation and division of integers with a negative connotation.

Translated TitleFrom the Balkan Mountains to Balkanization. From oronym to geopolitical term
Citation KeyПавлова2014
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