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Към строежа на сложните съставни изречения в Ловешкия дамаскин

TitleКъм строежа на сложните съставни изречения в Ловешкия дамаскин
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsДеянова, М
JournalБългарска реч
Pagination91 – 109
Publication Languagebul
Keywordsanteposition and postposition of the subordinate clause; correlative elements; correlative use of tenses; subordinating conjunction

The complex sentences are described from the viewpoint of their conjunctions and correlative elements in the main clause. The paper analyses the mutual juxtaposition of the main and subordinate clauses as well as the optional use of coordinating conjunctions after some types of antepositional subordinate clauses. Emphasis is placed on the frequency and importance of the prospective phenomena present in the literary language during the National Revival.

Translated TitleOn the structure of complex sentences in the Lovech Damaskin
Citation KeyДеянова2014
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