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Athanasius : A theological introduction

TitleAthanasius : A theological introduction
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsWeinandy, TG
Series TitleGreat Theologians Series
Number of Pages162
Place PublishedHampshire ; Burlington
Publication Languageeng
ISBN 9780754617198

This book offers a fresh scholarly introduction to the theology of Athanasius that will benefit not only the student but the educated lay reader as well. Weinandy explores, in a lucid and insightful manner, all of the key theological controversies, questions and themes that appear within Athanasius's thought: Revelation, Scripture and Tradition; Creation and the Fall; The Nicene Crisis; The Incarnation and salvation; the divinity of the Holy Spirit; the Church and Sacraments; and the Christian Life and Monasticism.

Reseach Notes

Contents: Preface; Introduction: the life and times of Athanasius; Athanasius' soteriological theology Part I: contra gentes; Athanasius' soteriological theology Part II: de incarnatione; Athanasius: defender and interpreter of Nicea; Athanasius: the redemptive life of the Incarnate Son; The Trinity and the Holy Spirit; Being conformed into the likeness of Christ; Athanasius' contemporary significance; Select bibliography; Indexes.

Citation Key2007
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