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Влогот на Триодот во збогатувањето на црковнословенската лексика

TitleВлогот на Триодот во збогатувањето на црковнословенската лексика
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsЦрвенковска, Е
EditorЙовчева, М, Добрев, И, Турилов, АА, Трайчев, Е
Book TitleПѣние мало Геѡргию. Сборник в чест на 65-годишнината на проф. дфн Георги Попов
PublisherБоян Пенев
Place PublishedСофия

The recent studies in Palaeoslavistics have been focused on the hymnography. Prof. Georgy Popov made important discoveries in the field. His work is especially concentrated on triodia. So far an integral Triodion text has not been edited and the material from triodia has not been lexicographically analyzed and included in Church Slavonic dictionaries. Over the last decade lexicographic material from triodia has been made available through The Dictionary of the Macedonian Recension of Church Sla vonic, which contains lexemes from five triodia, and through the Dictionary of Greek-Church Slavonic Lexical Parallels. Both editions make it obvious that many lexemes have developed special meanings. The dictionaries also provide an opportunity to observe the translation technique according to the Greek equivalents, especially in the translation of compound words, which are characteristic of the hymnography. An exhaustive lexicographical study on triodia will give a clear picture of their lexical richness as well as of the place and contribution of the Triodion to the enrichment of the Slavonic lexicon in the Middle Ages.

Citation KeyЦрвенковска2010
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