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Заповеди на светите отци в Синайския евхологий и западноевропейските пенитенциали

TitleЗаповеди на светите отци в Синайския евхологий и западноевропейските пенитенциали
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsЦибранска-Костова, М
JournalСтаробългарска литература
Publication Languagebul

The article summarizes the linguistic peculiarities of the oldest Slavic penitential known under the name Commandments of the Holy Fathers in the Glagolitic Euchologium Sinaiticum from the tenth-eleventh century in comparison with the new edition of its Latin prototype and some other Western Penitentials. Along with the Glagolitic copy and the most archaic Cyrillic one from the Ustjug Korm{\textbackslash}v caja (dating from the thirteenth-fourteenth century), the numerous transcripts of this text reveal its broad application and transmission in the South-Slavic linguistic environment. The preserved copies predominantly date from the fourteenth to the seventeenth century and contain only excerpts from the original corpus. The analysis is focused on some controversial readings that have already provoked the attention of the scholars. The apparatus of linguistic (especially lexical) discrepancies among different copies attests some significant features that enlighten the process of textual adoption. The manuscript tradition of the Commandments gives supplementary arguments for answering the questions about the time, place, and authorship of the Slavic translation and about the literary tradition this text belonged to.

Citation KeyЦибранска-Костова2007a
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