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Емпирично изследване на комуникативни фактори

TitleЕмпирично изследване на комуникативни фактори
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsТрендафилова, А
JournalБългарска реч
Pagination75 – 85
Publication Languagebul
Keywordsaccommodation strategies; communication; Communication accommodation theory; factors; initial orientation; speech accommodation

The study presented in the article is a CAT framework research of the impact
of 27 factors could affect communicative behavior of the Bulgarian speakers in daily communication situations. It was found that 11 factors should be regarded as significants in terms of communicative situations in which the students participate, and the primary is the relationships between the speakers. The observations presented in this article are part of the work on the project № DTK02/11 „Models and Tools for Spoken Communication of Contemporary Bulgarian language“ funded by Scientific Research Fund of Ministry of Education.

Translated TitleEmpirical Study of Factors of Communication
Citation KeyТрендафилова2013a
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