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За няколко гръцки заемки в българския език

TitleЗа няколко гръцки заемки в българския език
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1982
AuthorsДзидзилис, Х
JournalСъпоставително езикознание / Сопоставительное языкознание / Contrastive linguistics
Publication Languagebul

The paper discusses some new etymological considerations for ten words included in Volume I and Volume II of the Български етимологичен речник [Bulgarian Etymological Dictionary] and a word previously discussed in the book Гръцки заемки в съвременния български език [Greek Loanwords in Bulgarian] by M. Filipova-Bairova (Sofia, 1969). The words under discussion occur mainly in Bulgarian dialects and have been borrowed from Greek. Seven of the words are of Greek origin and three are of Latin origin but had been borrowed through Greek.

Citation KeyДзидзилис1982
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