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По някои проблеми на контрастивната фонология (английски и български език)

TitleПо някои проблеми на контрастивната фонология (английски и български език)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1978
AuthorsДанчев, А
JournalСъпоставително езикознание / Сопоставительное языкознание / Contrastive linguistics
Publication Languagebul

roceeding from the well-known fact that uniform description is a condition sine qua non in 36 contrastive analysis, the author examines some problems in the contrastive phonological study of English and Bulgarian, especially on the segmental phonemic level of vowels. A unified description obviously requires a common phonological transcription, but difficulties arise here due to (1) the existence of differing transcription traditions in Britain and the United States, (2) the lack of uniformity in the use of transcription in the two main English-speaking countries, taken separateţy, and (3) the absence of a universally accepted phonological transcription for Bulgarian (phonetic transcriptions of Bulgarian are usually based on the Cyrillic alphabet). After a critical survey of the various systems used for the transcription of English in Britain, the United States and some other countries, and giving special consideration to the quantitative (short-long) and qualitative (lax-tense) correlations, the author proposes a system of „all-English“ vowels transcription, suitable for contrast with Bulgarian.

Citation KeyДанчев1978
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