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Libri Slavici

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Angelov, D. авт, 1977. Le patriotisme en Bulgarie médiévale (IXe–XIVe s.). Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика, 1(1), с-ци14–31.
Angelov, D. авт, 1979. L ’humanisme dans la Bulgarie médiévale. Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика, 3(3), с-ци3–21.
Andreeva, B., Avgustinova, T. & Barry, W.J. авт-ри, 2001. Link-associated and focus-associated accent patterns in Bulgarian. В G. Zybatow и съавт., ред-ри Current Issues in Formal Slavic Linguistics. Peter Lang, с-ци 353–364.
Adrados, F. авт, 1980. Les langues slaves dans le contexte des langues indo-européennes. Съпоставително езикознание / Сопоставительное языкознание / Contrastive linguistics, 5(4), с-ци3–15.
Adamson, S. авт, 1998. The Literary Language. В S. Romaine, ред The Cambridge History of the English Language. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, с-ци 589–692.
Adams, J.A. авт, 1980. Learning and Memory: An Introduction 2nd изд, Homewood, IL: The Dorsey Press.
Adacher, S., Orofino, G. & Faustino, A. авт-ри, 1989. L’età dell’Abate Desiderio, Montecassino: Publ. Cassinesi.
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