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Libri Slavici

Експорт на 6258 резултата:
Alexander, R. авт, 2008. Bulgarian phrasebook, Footscray, Vic.: Lonely Planet.
Includes index. With 3500-word two-way dictionary. Cover. In English and Bulgarian.
Bozilov, I.A. авт, 1997. Bulgarian monasteries, Sofia: Hristo Botev .
Putnam, G.Haven авт, 1896. Books and Their Makers during the Middle Ages, New York: G. P. Putnam’s sons.
Анон, 2012. The Book of the Elders. Sayings of the Desert Fathers. The Systematic Collection, Collegeville, MN: Cistercian Publications.
Harthan, J. авт, 1977. The Book of Hours, New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company.
Korte, B. авт, 1997. Body Language in Literature, Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
Argyle, M. авт, 1975. Bodily Communication, London: Methuen.
Bennet, T. авт, 1995. The Birth of the Museum. History, Theory, Politics, London and New York: Routledge.
Mees, L. авт, 1974. Bio-bibliographia franciscana neerlandico ante seculum XVI, Nieuwkoop: Hes & De Graff Pub.
Halkin, F. ред, 1957. Bibliotheca hagiographica graeca, Bruxelles: Société des Bollandistes.
Иванова, К. авт, 2008. Bibliotheca Hagiographica Balcano-Slavica, София: Академично издателство "Проф. Марин Дринов".
Harkins, W.Edward авт, 1951. Bibliography of Slavic philology, New York: King’s Crown Press.
Harkins, W.Edward авт, 1953. Bibliography of Slavic folk literature, New York: King’s Crown Press.
Deleuze, G. авт, 1991. Bergsonism, New York: Zone Books.
[Turin: Marietti, 1956]


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