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Libri Slavici

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Chaytor, H.John авт, 1941. The Medieval Reader and Textual Criticism. Bulletin of the John Rylands Library, 26, с-ци49–56.
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Janda, L.A. авт, 2006. A metaphor for aspect in Slavic. International journal of Slavic linguistics and poetics, (44–45), с-ци249–260.
28 references
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Schmidt, T., Elenius, K. & Trilsbeek, P. авт-ри, 2010. Multimedia Corpora (Media encoding and annotation). Interoperability and Standards : CLARIN-D5C-3. Ed.: Erhard Hinrichs, Iris Vogel. CLARIN - Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure. 2010., с23 S. Available at: [Отворен на 20.10.2014AD].
Draft submitted to CLARIN WG 5.7. as input to CLARIN deliverable D5.C3 “Interoperability and Standards”


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