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Libri Slavici

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Paggio, P. & Navarretta, C. авт-ри, 2012. Classifying the Feedback Function of Head Movements and Face Expressions. В Multimodal Corpora: How Should Multimodal Corpora Deal with the Situation?. Luxembourg: European Language Resources Association, с-ци 34 – 38.
Language Resources and Evaluation Conference
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Kujumdžieva, S. авт, 2011. The Catalogue of Greek Musical Manuscripts from St. Catherine’s Monastery on Mount Sinai. Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика, 35(1), с-ци90–97.
Beekes, R.S.P. авт, 2011. Comparative Indo-European Linguistics. An Introduction 2nd изд M. de Vaan, ред, Amsterdam ; Philadelphia: John Benjamins.
Revised and corrected by Michiel de Vaan.
Vukov, N. авт, 2011. Conceptualizing Folklore along “Disciplinary Lines.” The Political Entanglement of Folklore Studies in Socialist Bulgaria. В U. Brunnbauer, Kraft, C., & Schulze, M., ред-ри Sociology and Ethnography in East-Central and South-East Europe: Scientific Self-Description in State Socialist Countries. Munich: Bad Wiesseer Tagungen des Collegium Carolinum.
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Kapitány, Á. & Kapitány, G. авт-ри, 2008. Cultural Pattern of a Museum Guide (House of Terror, Budapest). В S. Wahnich, Lášticová, B., & Findor, A., ред-ри Politics of Collective Memory: Cultural Patterns of Commemorative Practices in Post-War Europe. Vienna: LIT Verlag.


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