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Libri Slavici

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Избор: Автор is Lunt, Horace G  [Clear All Filters]
Lunt, H.G. авт, 1982. "On Dating Old Church Slavonic Gospel Manuscripts". В A. A. Barentsen, Sprenger, R., & Tielemans, M. G. M., ред-ри South Slavic and Balkan Linguistics. Amsterdam: Rodopi, с-ци 215–231.
Lunt, H.G. авт, 1977. "Limitations of Old Church Slavonic in representing Greek". В B. M. Metzger, ред The Early Versions of the New Testament: Their {Origin,Transmission} and Limitations. Oxford: Clarendon Press, с-ци 431–442.
Lunt, H.G. авт, 1971. "Addendum. (Paleographic notes)". В M. Altbauer, ред Psalterium Sinaiticum. Skopje: Македонска академија на науките и уметностите, с-ци 359–360.
Lunt, H.G. авт, 1968. Vita Methodii XIV and Waterspouts. Rocznik slawistyczny, 29, с-ци39–41.
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