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Избор: Автор is Henry Tajfel  [Clear All Filters]
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Tajfel, H. & Turner, J. авт-ри, 1979. An integrative theory of intergroup conflict. В W. G. Austin & Worchel, S., ред-ри The Social Psychology of Intergroup Relations. Montere: Brooks ; Cole, с-ци 35–53.
Bourhis, R.Y. и съавт. авт-ри, 1979. Psycholinguistic distinctiveness : Language divergence in Belgium. В H. Giles & Clair, R. Saint, ред-ри Language and Social Psychology. Oxford: Blackwell, с-ци 158–185.
Tajfel, H. авт, 1974. Social identity and intergroup behaviour. Social Science Information, 13, с-ци65– 93.
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