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Избор: Автор is Kiparsky, Paul  [Clear All Filters]
Kiparsky, P. авт, 1995. The phonological basis of sound change. В J. Goldsmith, ред Handbook of Phonological Theory. Cambridge, {MA}: Blackwel, с-ци 640–670.
Kiparsky, P. авт, 1988. Phonological change. В F. J. Newmeyer, ред Linguistics: The Cambridge Survey. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, с-ци 363–415.
Jackendoff, R.S. авт, 1973. Base Rules for PPs. В S. R. Anderson & Kiparsky, P., ред-ри A Festschrift for Morris Halle. New York: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, с-ци 345–356.
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