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Цифрови хранилища на метаданни

Цифрови хранилища на метаданни за обучението по български език

(Към въпроса за създаването им)

Татяна Ангелова

(СУ „Св. Климент Охридски”)




It is about international project “Sharing Digital Resources in the Teaching Education Community” (Share.TEC) a 3-year project (2008 to 2011) co-funded by the European Community’s eContentPlus programme. Share.TEC is devoted to fostering a stronger digital culture in the teacher education field and to supporting the development of a Europe-wide perspective among those working in and with the teacher education community. The presentation deals with sharing digital resources in Bulgarian language teaching.


Презентация на конференцията „Ресурси за електронно обучение“, ЕОС 2010

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