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Year XIII (2019), issue 22

The canon in the new millennium

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Longxi Zhang. Canon and World Literature (Transl. from Englishby Ruzha Muskurova) / 9

Alastair Fowler. Genre and the Literary Canon (Transl. from Englishby Georgi Georgiev) / 21

Tadeusz Szczerbowski. The Literary Canon as a Temporary Resultof Intentional Play (Transl. from Russianby Rumyana Evtimova / 58

Dylan Suher. “... my Understanding of the Essence of LiteraryAnalysis Stems from... the Desire to Build a Communityand Follow an Ethic Goal”(An Interview with David Damrosch) (Transl. from Englishby Ruzha Muskurova) / 69

Ivan Ivanov. Wars for the Literary Canon in the Cultural Dynamicsof the New Century / 85

Criticism between Marginality and Topicality. Conversation Heldon November 15, 2018, Sofia University“St. Kliment Ohridski” / 109

Vera Kaplická Yakimova. The Literary Canon – Lost and Foundin Translation / 134

Venceslav Sholce. Labyrinths of Normativity: the Problematic Rhetoricof “Dr. Krastev as a Literary Critic” by Simeon Radev / 151

Cvetan Rakiovski. Universalism as Conformism in the Poetryof Dimitar Panteleev / 176

Evdokiya Borisova. Architectural Canon and Literary Canonor the War for a Fountain / 1958


Elena Yonina. The Silence in Yordan Yovkov’s Work / 221

Zdravko Lovchaliev. Via the Fictional World of Jordan Jovkov and George Raichev – Discrepancies and Resemblances. The Dimensions of Sin – Intertextual Analysis between the Short Story “Albena” and the Long Short Story “Sin” / 232


Katya Staneva. Rootage: Literary History and Genre Theory / 252

Kristina Koleva. A Look at the Literature from a Medical Point of View / 258

For the Authors / 265

Requirements for Publications in the Journal “Literaturata” / 277