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Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy

TitleManaging Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsRockley, A, Kostur, P, Manning, S
Series TitleVoices That Matters Series
Number of Pages592
PublisherNew Riders
Place PublishedBoston
Publication Languageeng

Today's businesses are overwhelmed with the need to create more content, faster, cutomized for more customers, and for more media than ever before. Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy provides the concepts, strategies, guidelines, processes, and technological options that will prepare enterprise content managers and authors to meet the increasing demands of creating, managing, and distributing content.

Author Ann Rockley, along with the Rockley Group team, provides techniques that will help you define your content management requirements, build your vision, design your content architecture, pick the right tools, and overcome the hurdles of managing enterprise content. This book will help you visualize the broad spectrum of enterprise content, the requirements for effectively creating, managing, and delivering content, and the value of developing a unified content strategy for your organization.

From the review of the second edition: Ann Rockley, literally, wrote the book on managing enterprise content with her seminal work, Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy, in 2002. At the time, the book helped launch an entire discipline and a call for organizations to view content as a corporate asset. In fact, some regard Rockley as the “mother” of content strategy.

(Garry Teagarden)

Citation KeyRockley2002
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