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Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Celtic

Title Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Celtic
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsMatasović, R
Series TitleLeiden Indo-European etymological dictionary series
Series Volume9
Number of PagesXII, 544
Place PublishedLeiden ; Boston
Publication Languageeng

This is the first etymological dictionary of Proto-Celtic to be published after a hundred years, synthesizing the work of several generations of Celtic scholars. It contains a reconstructed lexicon of Proto-Celtic with ca. 1500 entries. The principal lemmata are alphabetically arranged words reconstructed for Proto-Celtic. Each lemma contains the reflexes of the Proto-Celtic words in the individual Celtic languages, the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) roots from which they developed, as well as the cognate forms from other Indo-European languages. The focus is on the development of forms from PIE to Proto-Celtic, but histories of individual words are explained in detail, and each lemma is accompanied by an extensive bibliography. The introduction contains an overview of the phonological developments from PIE to Proto-Celtic, and the volume includes an appendix treating the probable loanwords from unknown non-IE substrates in Proto-Celtic.

Citation KeyMatasovic2009
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