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The Nordic languages: An International Handbook of the History of the North Germanic Languages

TitleThe Nordic languages: An International Handbook of the History of the North Germanic Languages
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2005
Series EditorBandle, O, Elmevik, L, Widmark, G
Series TitleHandbücher zur Sprach- und Kommunikationswissenschaft / Handbooks of Linguistics and Communication Science
Series Volume22.2
Number of Pages 1150
PublisherMouton de Gruyter
Place PublishedBerlin
Publication Languageeng

This handbook is conceived as a comprehensive history of the North Germanic languages from the oldest times up to the present day. Whereas most of the traditional presentations of Nordic language history are confined to individual languages and often concentrate on purely linguistic data, the present work covers the history of all Nordic languages in its totality, embedded in a broad culture-historical context. The Nordic languages are described both individually and in their mutual dependence as well as in relation to the neighboring non-Nordic languages. The handbook is not tied to a particular methodology, but keeps in principle to a pronounced methodological pluralism, encompassing all aspects of actual methodology. Moreover it combines diachronic with synchronic-systematic aspects, longitudinal sections with cross-sections (periods such as Old Norse, transition from Old Norse to Early Modern Nordic, Early Modern Nordic 1550-1800 and so on). The description of Nordic language history is built upon a comprehensive collection of linguistic data; it consists of more than 200 articles, written by a multitude of authors from Scandinavian and German and English speaking countries. The organization of the handbook combines a central part on the detailed chronological developments and some chapters of a more general character: chapters on theory and methodology in the beginning, and on overlapping spatio-temporal topics in the end.

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Citation KeyBandle2005
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